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Job Opening – Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper Application

Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Albuquerque, NM


TITLE:         Bookkeeper

PURPOSE:  To provide accurate recording of all financial transactions and receipts in appropriate journals, ledgers and reports, and to keep the church books.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Accountable to the Head of Staff. and to the session as an elected officer of the IPC Corporation


    1. Supervise counting, recording and depositing of all moneys received.
    2. Receive vouchers from all authorized persons, approve them, determine accuracy of line item charges, and pay all bills.
    3. Manage the church’s payroll. Check accuracy of check payments and record of employee benefits. Monitor payment of services to assure there are conflicts with IRS rulings. Prepare vouchers for hourly employees paid from time clock records.
    4. Receive annual pledges from members. Record annual pledges in computer. Prepare computer print-out of individual accounts as requested. Distribute annual printout of individual accounts.
    5. Serve as ex-officio member of the Stewardship and Finance Committee and provide resource information as requested.
    6. Appropriately respond to requests for financial information as requested and provide financial reports as requested.
    7. Arrange for the audit of payroll accounts as requested by the IPC insurance carrier. Prepare financial portion of annual report to General Assembly. Report Pastor’s Terms of Call information to Presbytery. Prepare the Annual Corporation Report to New Mexico State Corporation Department.
    8. Serve as church liaison person with IPC Insurance Carrier (including any activity regarding Workers Compensation), the Presbyterian Pension Plan and Major Medical Plan, the GA Foundation, local bank(s) with IPC accounts, and businesses which may request New Mexico Non-Profit status statements.
    9. Manage ACH/EFT (Automatic Clearing House/Electronic Funds Transfer) banking transactions.
    10. Purchase office supplies, kitchen supplies, and other business orders as requested.
    11. Keep a “paper trail” of Fund A and Fund C activity for comparison with computer print-out records. Prepare monthly financial reports for session. Sign checks and distribute to payees. Check monthly bank statements for comparison with computer records.
    12.  Greet drop-in guests and offer assistance needed/available.

Compensation will be based on training and experience. Position is for 10-15 hours per week.

RELATIONSHIPS:  Relates to all program and support staff, church members and volunteers.

EVALUATION: The Head of Staff will review performance twice annually according to the guidelines of the Personnel Committee and will submit a report to the Personnel Committee for their review and action. The Personnel Committee will annually review the adequacy of compensation.

Fill out application below and send with resumé to Personnel Committee, 114 Carlisle, SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Bookkeeper Application