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Welcome to Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Welcome! You’ve arrived at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in the heart of Nob Hill in beautiful Albuquerque, NM. You’re at the trail head, but before you go further, let us tell you what you can expect if you travel with us:    

First, we find our inspiration in the ministry of Jesus. We are out to organize our lives around the story of one who embraced sinners, challenged religious hypocrisy, preached a message of hope and reconciliation, and showed us that not even death is to be feared.

Second, we welcome each person without exception.  If you are gay or straight you are welcome.   If you are divorced, or married, single or a single parent with a crying baby you are welcome.  Regardless of your race or ethnic origin, if your desire is to experience the peace of God and learn more of the story of Jesus, you are welcome.  Please put us to the test.

Third, we seek to provide room for expressions of both faith and doubt, valuing good questions as much as good answers.

Fourth, we encourage each other to live in a rhythm of worship and service to others.

If this strikes a chord in you then, by all means, continue the journey with us in the heart of the neighborhood.