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16pgw_facebookbanner_final_060216“Can God spread a table in the wilderness?”
-Psalm 78:19

This year’s theme for the Peace Offering is inspired by the cry from a people feeling abandoned to a cruel existence: The Psalmist quotes the people as they ask, “Can God spread a table in the wilderness?” In response, the author reminds the people that the God who delivered them from bondage in Egypt could not only spread a table in the wilderness, but had already done so over and over again.
For many of us, it is easy to see the violence around us and hear of the violence across the globe and feel as though it is a wilderness we are abandoned to.  In the stories shared in the bulletin during the weeks preceding the offering, we hope you see just a few reminders of times when people have been brought together at “tables” of all types. From tables where hard conversations have taken place, to tables where people sat in protest against injustice, to tables where seemingly intractable hate was transformed into compassion and community. All these tables are God’s. Even in our doubts, our fears, or suffering, God can spread a table of peace for all to share. We will see it in these stories, and it is revealed anew at the communion table.
On World Communion Sunday, people are joined from all over God’s earth, looking at our world and our lives and asking, “Can God spread a table even in this wilderness? Even in my wilderness?” To which God responds and says, “Come to the table of peace.” Your support of the Peace & Global Witness Offering helps invite others to the table both near and far.
Gifts to the Offering support ministries that deepen relationships between Presbyterians and inspiring peacemaking leaders, and provides us with opportunities to learn more about some of the most difficult areas of conflict around the world. These ministries offer resources Presbyterians can use to create peace in the midst, as well as respond to cultures of violence all over the world. The Offering is distributed to our own congregation’s peacemaking ministries (25%), our Presbytery and synod peacemaking ministries (25%) and national Presbyterian peacemaking ministries of the GA council (50%).  IN 2015, Immanuel’s local offering went to the Albuquerque Rescue Mission.


For more information on PC(USA)’s Peace Offering, click here.

-Adapted from Come to the Table of Peace, the guide for the upcoming Peace Offering on October 2, which is also World Communion Sunday.

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