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The Seven Deadly Sins – Class Begins April 24


April 24 – June 5 – 9 a.m. in the Chapel

The seven ‘deadly’ sins, formulated in the Middle Ages as a tool for moral instruction and confession, have long been a source of inspiration for writers and artists, from medieval morality plays to modern movies and video games. In this seven-session study for adults we will explore all seven deadly sins and their corresponding virtues, focusing on both Scriptural references and contemporary culture. What relevance might this litany of ‘original sins’ and their antidotes have for us today?

• April 24 – Lust and Chastity
• May 1 – Gluttony and Temperance
• May 8 – Greed and Generosity
• May 15 – Sloth and Caring
• May 22 – Wrath and Patience
• May 29 – Envy and Love
• June 5 – Pride and Humility

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